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Meet Our Belles

Meet Maddie

Maddie has been with us Since August of 2020. She is beautiful, smart, hardworking, reliable, and a huge blessing to us here at BVB. Maddie will be a senior at Slaughter Charter and is thinking of continuing a career in the fashion industry, which we know she will be amazing at.

Come Shop BVB & Let Maddie style your new fav. outfit.

Meet Carly

Carly has been with us since we opened our Brick & Mortar a little over a year ago. Carly Graduated from Silliman in May and is heading to LSU in the fall to study to become a Pediatric Oncologist. She is beautiful, smart, & all around just an amazing young lady.

Come Shop BVB & Let Carly Style your new fav. outfit.


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