The Low Down on Bonne Vie and Me!

Heyy There Belles, 

First off, I would like to start off by formally introducing myself! My name is Brandy Newstrom, owner of BVB. I am from a small town called Pierre Part, LA. where there is always good Cajun Music, food, and if you listen closely in any store there you can always hear the sound of good old Cajun French being spoken between lifelong friends and family members. My Grandmother did not know an ounce of English when she started school in Pierre Part as a young child. When I was coming up with my business name I knew that I wanted to incorporate a little bit of home. Bonne Vie means Good Life in French. 

 I have always known that I wanted to own my own business, and have always loved women’s fashion and just women in general. I love to bring people up and make them feel good about themselves, and who doesn’t love a little girl time. My husband, our daughter, our three dogs, and myself, moved to Grangeville, LA. about three years ago now. I have been blessed to be able to turn the visions that started as a high school girl when my best friend and I talked countless hours about our shop we would have when we grew up into reality. 

So here we are, two years into BVB and we have moved from an online & pop up shop to now also brick and mortar. And I give it all to God, I know without him none of this would be possible. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many new customers who have turned into friends & I am so excited to see what the future holds. & I am super excited to bring a different shopping experience to the table with our parties and events.& I intend to continue to bring you handpicked gems that you’ll love for a long time to come.  I hope that y’all enjoy this journey with me!