HOST A Boutique PARTY!

Hosting a BVB Party is fun and easy,
all you need is yourself and two or more other ladies and you have yourself a BVB PARTY

In addition to hosting your own party, you can also host a party for a friend and give them the hostess rewards.

Birthday, Bridal Party, Graduation, Big Move, Promotion, Divorce, JUST BECAUSE Etc. ANYTHING can be an excuse to have a popup party

Remember a party is yourself and two or more people.


Email or FB Message us that you are interested in hosting a BVB Party along with the dates and times that you are interested in.

Monday - Saturday Start times available are 6:30, 7 
Sunday Start times anywhere between 11am - 7pm
BVB Parties can last up to two hours. 
You and I will get together and talk deets.
Where when why how etc.


Once we talk deets and have dates and times figured out,

A facebook invite will be sent to you for you to invite your family, friends, and colleagues.
On that event invite page we can chit chat.  what type of items are you looking for, what music do you want to hear, Etc
The only things that we ask of our host is to provide accurate setup time if the Party is a pop up and any food or beverages you wish to serve.
Ideas: charcuterie boards, chips and salsa, cupcakes, Birthday Cake, themed cookies, Champagne, Wine
 We will play a game which will give each of your guests a chance to get discounts. 💵
 We will sip wine or water or whatever🥂, have girl talk, & Everyone will have a chance to try on items two at a time.
If you feel confident and LOVE IT or if you just want another opinion then you come out and show everyone, maybe even do a little cat walk.
& if you are NOT feeling it at all you just move onto the next item.
In the end we are there to encourage each other, make memories, and have a good time. 
 Enjoy this exclusive shopping experience
 & Receive Hostess Rewards when your total party sales are $300+.
The more they spend, the more you earn! 


HEY LADIES, Brandy here, Owner of BVB.
When I started Bonne Vie Boutique, my vision was not just about selling clothing. I wanted to bring women together, make memories, build confidence, give encouragement. 👑As women, sometimes we are our own worst critic. I can’t tell you how many times my girlfriends have sent me pictures second guessing and questioning what they look like in an outfit straight from inside of the dressing room. Having other women around to help you out that you trust when your just not quite sure makes it easier. That is why the parties are my absolute favorite. I cant wait to shop with you all!

LET’S PARTY!!🍾🥂🛍👸🏽